Relaunch of the ForgeFire Network


First of all, this relaunch will take some time. During the past few years we considered ForgeFire to be a small community of gamers who spend their spare time together. Some of us knew each other for a long while. By the time (and many days of playing Minecraft later) this had evolved slowly. We created Let's Play videos, published blog articles and had hundreds of visitors for some time.

In 2013 I have started learning about Git, OpenGL, C++ and several other techniques and languages - which resulted in plans to make my own game engine. These plans and the first experiments are far from being something to be shown publicly yet, but gaining experience by starting that project was interesting and sometimes really thrilling. For all of us there is also a lot of other stuff to do - of course.

During the winter 2014/2015 I felt like recreating our website from the scratch would be fun. So I did, which was actually inevitable because the previous website had no responsive design and looked out of date. These new pages are still under development and need to be filled with further content.

Within the last few weeks I finally managed to bring the server back online, running with an all new setup. It's now using 2 x 240 GB Solid State Drives (RAID 1) and 32 GB DDR3 RAM. Parallels Plesk Panel will no longer be used for administration and I replaced Debian Linux with FreeBSD. The system is much better configured now.

Going through the process of reading manuals and configuration files for the new software was tough at some time but turned out fine. Furthermore we have a GitLab (code repository mangement) now, used for website projects and the ongoing development of the game engine.

Well, that's enough blog writing for now. There's work to be done!

I will keep you posted and wish you all a splendid springtime :)